TW takes TW

I’ve been told to write about my life, but I never felt like my experiences were unique enough to document publicly.

What motivated me to finally write this inaugural post:

  • Vying for a coveted job and being told I need more marketing experience. What better way to show understanding of brand strategy by cultivating my own brand (I say timidly, but loudly!)  Here’s to you, Google.  I will be a Googler someday (hopefully, soon!)
  • Having the happy coincidence of meeting an inspiration and mentor to me, who suggested I use WordPress as a platform to build my personal website.
  • Being angry.

Learning to compartmentalize my anger has been a work in progress.  My coping mechanisms include: ice cream, venting to anyone that will listen (a.k.a. talking my friends’ ears off), and making last-minute appointments with my therapist.  I’ve gradually included jogging and journaling, but recently, it just hasn’t felt like enough.

Thus, the conception of this page! I realized I was angry, because I had so much I wanted to say.

So, you are more than welcome to join me here, where I will try my very best to diplomatically convey my frustrations with identity/quarter life crises, culture shock, and somehow going from the most uptight, Type-A person I know, to up-and-moving halfway across the world.

I jokingly announced my trip to Taiwan (TW) 1 with the hashtag “#TiffanyTakesTaiwan,” but I’m not attempting to Genghis Khan * the motherland, clearly.  In fact, the many obstacles I’ve faced in a little over a month here prove that sometimes, Taiwan takes me (for a buttkicking.)2


*Despite my best friend’s misleading MS Paint masterpiece

Be it schadenfreude for the many misfortunes I have and am bound to encounter, masochism for my cringeworthy attempts at humor, or genuine curiosity at the inner workings of my weird mind, thanks for joining me for the ride.

‘Til next time,

TW (Tiffany Wang)

1. The abbreviation for Taiwan happens to be the same as my initials. *crowd goes mild*
2. Michael: Your average American male is stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence, you know, arrested development.
Narrator: Hey! That’s the name of the show!


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